Learn baby sign language from the comfort of home. In your PJ’s. During nap-time. With your favourite latte within reach. Sound delightful? Let’s get started!

This is NOT another daunting parenting task. It’s easier than you think!

Adventures In Baby Signing, baby sign language course

A delightfully fun digital class you can access instantly, on any computer or mobile device. Start whenever you are ready + work at your own pace. You could easily binge the content during nap-time, or pace yourself by focusing on ONE of 6 core modules each week.

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Caution: You’ll sign your way to less crying, fewer tantrums + more peaceful playdates! Other parents will be begging to know your secret! 😉


Parents who have taken this program for a test drive have told me “We never really went through the terrible two stage!” and shared stories like “My child was calmer + more content!” and “I was surprised my 14 month old could tell me his friend needed help.”

Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!

Now it’s your turn.

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