Stop The Overwhelm – How to Follow Through When You Sign With Your Baby

Anytime you think about learning a new skill (especially a language) you’re gonna have mixed feelings of excitement and hesitation.

The excitement of enriching your life with this new skill, and overwhelm because it can get frustrating when you get stuck along the way. That’s when you loose sight of the goal and not follow through.

With the right guidance and steps (from yours truly!) you will not only be successful and motivated while signing with your babyyou’ll have a lot of fun too!

You do NOT need to be fluent in American Sign Language to be successful with baby sign language.

You will use strategically chosen hand signs to minimize the learning curve and maximize communication.

5 steps to keep you from getting overwhelmed:

  1. Start with 3-5 signs. Become familiar with them so that you can sign these words without looking them up.
  2. At EVERY opportunity sign the word. ie: every time you get your baby in position to breastfeed or bottle feed sign ‘MILK’.
  3. Talk to your baby – say the word every time you sign it. This helps your baby make a connection between sign and sound. As a result most signing children speak sooner.
  4. Your baby must be looking at you when you sign a word. They cannot learn a sign if they don’t see it in action. Say your baby’s name to get their attention or wait until they gaze in your direction.
  5. Be patient, babies sign at different ages. Usually 6-10 months but you might see results earlier or later.

Follow these 5 easy steps and you’ll have no choice but to be successful.

Share your feedback and comments below!

Now it’s your turn, in the comments below tell me how YOU stay motivated to sign with your baby.

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  • Leanne Chesser Jun 26, 2012, 6:58 pm

    I didn’t use sign language with my kids, but I’ve taught at a school for kids with special needs for the last 9 years and I’ve learned a lot of signs so I taught my grandson (and I’ll do it again with my next one, soon to be born). I taught him more, please, finished/done, eat, help and stop.

    You’ve given some good tips to help people teach their babies sign language! I think it’s so valuable. My grandson was able to communicate more effectively because he knew some signs and I think he said the word “more” earlier than he would have otherwise. He heard it repeated so much with the sign that he picked up on it quickly.

    • Marcie Paige Jun 27, 2012, 7:54 am

      Way to go Leanne! It’s always nice when extended family shows interest and takes part in signing. Those 6 signs that you used with your grandson are in the top 10 signs to use with your baby. Even when those are the only ones you teach you see amazing results!

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