Sign Language For Babies Is A Communication Tool, Not A Language

American Sign Language (or ASL) is a language with it’s own grammar and is used fluently by the deaf community.

Sign language for babies is made up of strategically chosen ASL signs that are commonly used between you and your and baby.

And even though your baby is capable of learning the entire ASL language, and benefit from it, it’s not practical or even necessary.

Your child is capable of getting his/her point across with one or two signs. That’s it.

Here are a few examples:

Your baby wants to be nursed or needs a bottle… they sign ‘MILK‘.

Your child is hungry… they sign ‘EAT‘.

Here are some examples of a two-step process:

Your toddler can’t reach a toy on a shelf… they sign ‘HELP ME‘, you’re not sure what they need help with so you sign ‘SHOW ME‘… then they take you to the toy on the shelf and point to it.

Your toddler wants you to read them a story… they sign ‘BOOK‘, you sign ‘WHICH ONE‘… then they pick out a book.

This technique is quick, simple and solves the problem quickly!

You don’t need to learn the entire ASL language, and you won’t need to sign in full sentences.

Signing with your baby should be easy, fun and something you look forward to everyday!

I know I did!

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Much love and support,

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